Amoy Street Food Center

Rayyan's Waroeng Upnormal #02-86
I was attended to by a warm and lovely lady who took the time to explain the different dishes that they sell. As I ordered this right after ordering from another stall, I had gone to collect my food while this stall was preparing my order. Unbeknownst to me, she had kindly brought my plate over to my table! Really grateful for her friendly service!

Honey Glazed Char-grilled Boneless thigh penyet ($6.50)
- Sliced carrots, cucumbers, bits of corn, cherry tomato
- Boneless char grilled chicken cubes with green pepper, onions, white sesame seeds, bits of diced red chili
- Deep fried crumbs
- Sambal chili
- Brown grated coconut atop rice
- There's an option to add a fried egg @ $0.80

Great sweet and slightly savoury sambal that has a very direct spice
Brown grated coconut atop the rice was subtly sweet and fragrant
Honey glazed char grilled chicken was a flavour bomb - sweet barbeque sauce atop tender chicken. Will recommend mixing all the sambal with the rice as the sambal was really flavourful. I think they could have offered to give more grated coconut though so as to actually provide a sustained depth of flavour to the entire bowl of rice.
Note: The pieces of diced chili was really spicy and I ate one too many of it as my mouth was burning nearing the end of the dish, causing me to desperately gulp down my drink to numb the spice.
Price: 7.5/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10 (Modernised Ayam Penyet stall)

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