Came here on a Friday afternoon and was lucky to get a parking spot near the shop front. Parking is free but usually hard to get in front of the shop house stretch, but there is a private estate at the end of the road where you may quite easily park, a 2-min walk away.

We had a pasta as our 1-for-1 main dish and the cold brew coffee with milk. The cold brew was lovely in my opinion; I'm usually a hot coffee person but this one had enough body for my liking, unlike some diluted tasting ones I have had in the past.

Boy: Aglio Olio Pasta. I would give a 3/10 because it barely had any flavor. All I could taste was the natural flavor of mushrooms.

Girl: Tom Yam Seafood Pasta. A 8/10 for me for flavor as it was sour and appetising; surprisingly not creamy at all but still good. I didn't like that gelatin prawns were used however.

Overall, I would come back again for their breakfast food which seems well-reviewed, but maybe not pasta.

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