This bowl ($7.90) is one of the healthiest meals on the Starbucks menu, clocking in at 180kcal without dressing. And I surprisingly enjoyed it! :) Sitting on a bed of lightly flavored couscous are three crunchy poached prawns, broccoli, cherry tomato, cauliflower and mushroom slices.

The elements are simple and the entire bowl feels very light and clean, but filling at the same time. The cherry tomatoes are juicy, prawns taste fresh and crunchy and with every bite the couscous adds a rather playful yet complex mouthfeel with its grainy texture. It would go well with any of four dressings Starbucks provides with its salad bowls, but I think roasted sesame would be a good pairing for this bowl ^^

The simplicity of the food means that it pairs well with just about any of Starbucks' drinks, although my personal preference will always be their cold brew :)