Had always been wondering why there is a queue at Sin Heng Kee in Hougang and how they had managed to expand to having two more outlets in Yishun (the other being at Junction Nine) over the years — the newest outlet is the one at Chong Pang, which takes over a photography studio situated just opposite Bei Sheng Seafood that is across the road.

Must say that I am no big fan of porridge, but this one got me smitten — consistently smooth; not too wet and comes pretty fragrant, being simple but yet not too plain/bland. I liked how the fish slices aren't too overcooked here too; almost consistent with the porridge in terms of texture without being fishy; really fresh. Even the ginger added were really refined; not particularly punchy nor stark but adds just the right amount of spiciness to the porridge just to spice things up a little by a notch. A place that I would probably make a return to if I crave for porridge (though probably never happens in my life under the usual circumstances).