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This messy monster of a burger tastes as amazingly complex as it looks. A massive block of Black Angus beef cheek is sous-vide for over 24-hours and fully saturated in rendang gravy that includes a blend of over 10 different spices and ingredients. Sliced cucumbers, pickled mooli, chopped chives, crispy shallots, minced red chili and coconut mayo are thrown into the irresistible jumble. All that delightful chaos is then contained within a pair of fluffy coconut buns made from coconut oil and coconut milk.

The long sous-vide process yields a buttery-soft texture for the Black Angus beef cheek with an intense melt-in-the-mouth effect. The dulcified beef cheek flakes apart with a perfunctory bite and is heavily inundated with thick streaks of sticky and gelatinous collagen which further intensifies its melty quality. The rendang gravy, redolent with fragrant spices, is sweet, spicy, nutty, hearty and chunky, and has a unique umami flavor that lingers at the back of the tongue even after the viscous beef has been ingested. The kaleidoscopic array of sliced cucumbers, pickled mooli, chopped scallions, crispy shallots and minced red chili add a sharp and invigorating crunch, providing a vital textural contrast to the soft and tender beef. The brilliant inclusion of the toasted demi brioche coconut buns, slathered in coconut mayo, acts as the perfect vessel in carrying the sweet and delicate perfumed aroma of coconuts which balances out the heavy and intense flavors of the rendang gravy.

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