So, the rundown. This is an interesting vegetarian restaurant with a surprisingly huge variety of food – everything from the $5 chicken rice lunch specials to bulgogi, bento boxes, burgers, metal pot soups, deserts… you name it, they’ve probably got some veggie variation on it.

Going through the menu and looking for stuff to try was fun! Waiting literally half an hour at lunch before my food came, not so much. And I wasn’t the only one; I saw at least a couple of people coming around the same time as me waiting as well.

As for the food, it’s actually pretty good. I had the ang siew braised meat with rice for like $7, and it was delicious! The rice was pleasantly nutty and fluffy, too. Overall, everything’s well cooked, and the mock meat is pretty convincing.

Let’s say you want to let your Muslim or vegetarian colleagues try some Chinese food, well, this is a great place for that. Just don’t go down during a busy period, unless you want to sit around forever, lol.