From Ramen Champion x Hokkaido Paradise at Changi Airport Terminal 3; Ramen Champion had since went through a revamp where all the stalls are consolidated into two sections; one serving up the ala-carte, Ramen, Japanese Curry and Donburi items, and the other serving up sweet toasts and Kakigori.

The Houjicha Kakigori was great; the ice perfuming of a roasted tea aroma whilst containing rice cake and jelly within for a chewy texture; the cream atop providing a light hint of sweetness while soy bean powder in the middle also provides a hint of nuttiness. A small jug of Kuromitsu also comes at the side for those who wish to add a hint of sweetness to enhance the flavours of the dessert.

Whilst that is being said about the food, crowd management and service was not the best; no signages indicating to queue and order before finding a seat meant that some patrons queued while some just streamed in to find seats as though it’s a food court. And then there’s the 45min wait for our Kakigori (that’s after re-joining the ordering queue where table-less patrons were queueing in line at a queue sealed off due to the eatery reaching maximum capacity) which was a tad unforgivable especially for a bowl of ice — with no staff warning us about the wait time. Very confusing (and unnecessary) indeed.