Sequestered in a sleepy hole-in-corner coffeeshop off French Road is the unlikeliest of places. Nice Rice, helmed by a 25 year old former fine dining chef with a pedigree the likes of Bacchanalia and Vianney Massot, is a hidden gem delivering outstanding rice bowls at accessible prices in a not so accessible location.

Their signature Cow Bowl is a must-try, with a fan of roast rump cap beef slices encircling a runny onsen egg in the center. Each glistening, saucy piece is succulent yet retains a good bite, and the rosy blush in the middle tells me the meat was cooked by someone who knows their craft.

Every single ingredient in this bowl was meticulously prepared - from the bed of seasoned rice, to the thoughtful garnishes of shiny eggplant and garlic confit which conferred an added dimension of flavour and texture to the dish. Most definitely worth the trip down at least once to savour this goodness.

Taste: 3.5/5