Slurp on delicious ramen after work at this trendy new joint in Damansara Uptown. Their specialty, Tomo (RM30.90), is best described by Burppler Rachel Yong as "traditional with a little twist". It boasts a sweet-savoury miso soymilk broth, springy noodles, chashu pork belly, a jammy egg and wood ear fungus. Also good is the Tonkotsu (RM28.90) served with the same trimmings but in a creamy 20-hour pork bone broth. Rice lovers should not miss out on the Gyutan Don (RM23.90), a scrumptious rice bowl topped with perfectly grilled ox tongue and chilli padi. Wash that with a fresh sake from the drum! A carafe of Premium House Sake goes for only RM43.
Photo by Burppler Rachel Yong