Finally got my hands on this hyped up cake. I have been waiting for this for quite a while...ever since i saw a facebook video about it, i wished it would come to singapore, and it did! Woohoo. A minor heads up for you all that are gonna get it, the wait is relatively long, it took me 1hour before i could get one. onto the review, i bought the cheese flavoured cake as it was recommended by the staff. When i first received my cake, i did what 99% of the population would do, which was to jiggle the cake HAHA, and it did jiggle around alot! However when i reached home the jiggle effect was not really there anymore, so i would suggest to take a vid of the cake immediately after receiving it, if you would want to post it online!
Let me tell you guys something, when i cut into the cake, i swear my knife never ever had an easier life, it was like cutting through air, 0 effort required haha, also when i sliced the cake open the burst of aroma just hit my face and OMG...IT SMELLS DAMM GOOD. I went on to take a bite, and oh my...the cake was very soft and light, it dissolves in your mouth, the cheese complimented the cake quite well as the cheese brough in abit of saltyness element into the cake as the cake is quite sweat! Overall experience of this cake was amazingggg, totally worth the wait! What you're waiting for! Come down and get one!