Being seated outdoors at @changkoreanbbq in Dempsey on cool nights is a really pleasant experience. You get to be away from the smoky smell, and your order of meats gets barbecued for you (which is perfect for lazy-to-cook people like me 😆). The friendly staff always presents whatever you’ve picked to be verified first before whisking it away to be grilled and cut up. So upon return, each order of piping hot meat can be eaten right away.
We only had beef on this recent visit because all of us were craving red meat. While the Marinated Prime Rib Eye (Australian, 200G - $58++) was flavourful and a tad sweet in taste profile from its marination, the Fresh Cut Prime Short Rib (U.S. 300G - $69++) was au naturel juicy goodness.
I alternated between wrapping the barbecued beef in leaves with green chilli, raw garlic plus a dab of the sauces provided, and pairing each piece with the “Myul Naengmyun” (#ChangKoreanBBQ does the tastiest version in my opinion). The piping hot meat and cold noodles (dressed in some vinegar and mustard) is a killer combination.
One thing we realised that evening was that the Banchan served during dinner differs a little from lunch. There were a few premium items such as marinated cockles, in the large spread. But when you request for another round, these won’t necessarily appear again. I guess, quite understandably, each table only gets a single helping of the pricier Banchan.