Once our friendly Japanese staff gave us the much-anticipated ‘ok’ sign, we promptly gathered around the hot grill plate armed with our cute mini-spatulas all ready to dig in. The best way to enjoy this sizzling mix monjayaki was obviously to eat directly off it!

The savory-sweet mixture of pork, squid and shrimp pressed down and spread thinly across the plate had it quickly crisping up on the bottom. Absolutely no regrets at all agreeing to the waitress’ suggestion to top up for cheese ($3) as that melty gooey goodness further enhanced the overall texture. Other top ups available include mochi, mentaiko and more.

Now, what’s the difference between Monjayaki and the more familiar Okonomiyaki? Monja uses more liquid ingredients and a softer batter while the Oko is drier, firmer and has a thicker stack of ingredients piled all together. The latter wins by appearance hands down but I was more impressed by the flavourful Monja here. Another one of my favourites was the Teppanyaki Squid ($15).

Seiwaa serves up authentic Japanese comfort food worth trying, though at a slightly hefty price tag (especially if you’re one who needs more carbs to be filled up).

Tip: Download the J Passport mobile app and get a complimentary Monjayaki with any Okonomiyaki purchased!