Pizza night with pizzas from @happyendingpizza !

🍕 Mushroom madness ($27++): comes with some truffle taste with gooey cheese and 3 diff types of mushrooms. Wished the truffle taste was stronger!
🍕Hawaii Five-O ($27++): special in the sense that it has one whole caramelised cinnamon pineapple ring in the middle. And comes with pancetta instead of the usual ham.
🍗 Spicy buffalo lollipops ($12++): made for easy eating and the BBQ sauce taste was strong, abit too much drenched in sauce though!

What is special too about this pizza parlour is that they provide pizza dips! The one we got was the sweet chilli pineapple for the Hawaiian pizza pairing. But I thought it didn't go quite well. I would have preferred other sauces! Was also given another sauce dip but it tastes more like haebeehiam chilli sauce to me, also weird for a pizza dip 🤔

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