From left to right: s'mores pie, morello sour cherry pie, banana almond and cognac pie, coconut lime and vodka pie

Third time here and this time I got there at around 12pm (they open at 11am) and there were only about 7 different pie flavours.
I got the 2 for 2, so total 4 slices of pies.

Morello sour cherry and coconut lime vodka pies are for those who love zesty and sour notes in their pies. Even though I don't often eat sour things, I do like the coconut lime vodka! It was also the first time I've seen this flavour. It came with a dollop of whipped cream on the pie too.

Banana almond and cognac is my absolute favourite pie! Love love the crunch in the middle of the pies and the pie crust.

Smores is always good! But the pie crust isn't the same as the banana cognac.