Unagi Benedict

Consists of a Low Temp Egg, Mushroom Duxelles topped with Yuzukosho Hollandaise that was served on Fried Mantou "Patties" with a side of Prawns and Potato Kempie Mayo Salad accompanying it.

What did I liked about the dish? Probably the buns; fried exterior with a sweet taste (The usual you would expect from any asian restaurant.) What did I not like about it? Many things. Now the things on the plate individually tasted fine, the Unagi was well seasoned and tender, egg was cooked well, yolk broke beautifully but they just didn't go well together. There was already the hollandaise sauce and the runny yolk going on within this dish but then came the Unagi that was coated with its own sauce. It didn't add any texture to the dish but it ended up rather "slimey" because of all the runny liquids and there was no bite that would provide a satisfying chew like the usual salmon would as the Unagi meat just seperated too easily in the mouth. Also as the Unagi sauce itself had a distinct taste to it, that yuzukosho sauce can't be tasted and was hence overpowered.

The sides were alright but I wouldn't say that it complemented the dish in any way? Overall, it felt like the attempt of replacing Salmon with Unagi was a terrible attempt and the classic Egg Benedict dish should be better left alone. I had a couple of other dishes at XYT but let's just say they are basically selling hawker fare dishes at 3.5 times the prices we can get anywhere else in Singapore.

Other dishes:

Crispy Otak Otak Rojak $16
Pork Knuckle Fritters $18
XYT Chai Tow Kuay $16
XYT Lu Rou Fan $13

In my opinion, their brunch menu is not great and I wouldn't come back for it as it's not the cheapest. However, I have not tried the other menus and I can't say for those but for brunch, just no.