I have been wanting to try this place for a while. What with the creative shop name and all. But sadly to say, the meal was somewhat of a disappointment. I ordered a sausage and mushroom tomato cream penne ($6.50) with add-on of the soup of the day: pumpkin soup ($2). The penne was good, the tomato smell not too overpowering and there was a generous serving of sausages. Perhaps the pasta sauce could be thicker but considering that I'm not one to like tomato base pasta, it was good. Maybe it's the fact that it's half cream base too. The soup however, was disappointing. It was overly liquidy and felt like flour on my tongue. I could have gone without that. My friend ordered an aglio olio ($6.50) and she didn't like it. It was too dry and there was not enough flavour like the olive oil or the basil. However, she enjoyed the ice lemon tea, which was homemade and I thought it was good too.