Peoples Park Food Centre, #01-148. I saw some review on the internet and decided to give this a try despite the big crowd over at Ri Ri. I seldom go there to eat because of the humidity. There was not a single soul patronising the stall. The items were by price. Not worth it at all as we got barely few ingredients and the total was $9(I assume the 3 mushrooms we got was $1/pc). The lady tending the stall demanded me to pay straightaway which was a big turnoff because we were just sitting beside her stall. Even worst was when the food came, there was only 3 pieces of broccoli, too many stalks of kangkong, a lacklustre amount of food for the both us. Definitely a no go. Never complaining when there's a huge bowl of mala in front of me for slightly more than $9 again and feeds 2 people well.