I first dined at this outlet when they were called Pasta J, and they were located at Upper Thomson. They have now relocated to Novena and we have yet to go there. I’ve tried their Breakup Steak and Pesto Pasta with Prawns and Squid, and I was blown away both times. The steak is tender, cooked to perfection and so flavourful. I’m not a fan of prawns, but believe me, the prawns in their pesto pasta are the only prawns I actively want to eat (and miss eating). I asked them to switch out the squid for more prawns, because that’s how much I love their prawns! Their twice sautéed shrooms are absolutely delicious as well. Highly recommended because of the great food, and also because you can bring dogs to the restaurant 💕

✨ ratings: 10/10 ✨