A dish consisting of battered cauliflower, togarashi and served with wasabi mayo.

I’m really into cauliflower fritters as an alternative to fries or fried chicken, as they’re crispy and yummy, but not as heavy or calorie dense. The Refinery’s batter is yummy, and crisps up quite well. There’s no overpowering smell of raw cauliflower, so you can pop as many in your mouth. If you really can’t stand any cauliflower smell at all, try dipping them into the mayo as the wasabi is sure to kill your sense of smell and taste. I dipped twice and then decided to eat the cauliflower fritters on their own, or with the sweet vinegar sauce (that actually came with the Chicken Nanban instead - but I liked the combination very much!).

Choose this for a less sinful but delicious and satisfying side!

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