Even before the Pasadores appeared, bearing tall skewers of all-you-can-eat hot grilled meats, I couldn't resist filling half my belly on the irresistible carousel buffet of salads and appetisers. There were hearty items like potato salad, egg mayo, cold pastas, black bean stew, mushrooms, as well as vegetable dishes such as blanched broccoli, grilled capsicums, sautéed onions, beetroot, fresh lettuce and even deepfried "kai lan".
In case you weren't aware, Brazil Churrascaria was the first to introduce the Brazilian grilled meats restaurant concept in Singapore back in 1994. After more than two decades, it's nice to see they still got it.
What makes this an ideal dinner spot when one craves barbecued meat is the great selection, good service and pretty good value they offer. Their cuts of meat may not be the top-of-the-line premium but the seasoning and grilling are done well.
Beef can be enjoyed in the form of ribs, hump, garlic-coated, a topside cut and tenderloin. Apart from those, the Pasadores also come around to each table to tempt with their skewers of chicken, lamb, pork ham, snow fish, and even chicken liver and heart.
Due to the layout of the place, I think this is a suitable venue for bigger groups to gather too.