The army stew was rather thin and light tasting, similar to the type of soup you’d get in instant noodles. I was expecting a heavier, stronger tasting one. It’s still overall an okay tasting soup though, if you think of it just as a fancy instant noodle soup of some sort. Could do with more of them thicker chunkier spam instead of thinly sliced ham too. The stews comes with a small bowl of rice as well by default but feel free to pay more for additional noodles.

As part of the Burpple deal, you get a drink (choice between canned coke or canned ice lemon tea) and an ice cream (melona, supposedly).
But the owner didn’t tell us when we were ordering that there was no more ice cream, so only after we’ve paid and finished our meal that he told us there was no ice cream left and offered to give us a can drink in replacement. Which was SO not worth it btw, but honestly what can we say!? We’ve already paid - my opinion is that he should’ve checked and made sure we were okay with the replacement before he took our payment. Otherwise, the staff was actually quite nice.

We visited on a Thursday evening and there were not many patrons. It was easy enough to get a seat although the shop is small with limited capacity - a table for 4 and a counter-facing table for 2-3. Wouldn’t be suitable for big groups.
In conclusion an alright choice for the price and location only after the Burpple deal. Would only get it if I happen to be around the area and am craving for some Korean stew but don’t want to pay too much for restaurant prices.

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