One of my all-time favourite Asian desserts is the Chendol, and @theampangkitchen does an outstanding version. They even make those squiggly green jelly bits from scratch in-house (I’ve posted a video some time back showing how it’s done).
Besides the perfect ratio of creamy coconut milk to the fragrant sweetness of gula melaka, texture is a big deal for me. That’s why I appreciate that at #theampangkitchen, the large kidney beans are boiled till they are on the mushy side and the ice is shaved fine enough.
By the way, the other desserts of Pulut Hitam and Kuih Ketayap by Uncle Raymond and his son David, are equally fabulous. Every time I have to decide which to pick to have for dessert, I get a headache 😆 #thegreediswillingbutthestomachprotests.