Ah Hua Kelong Mussels ($20)
@Papercranesg is a strong supporter of Ah Hua Kelong’s fresh catch and hence they serve up seasonal catches on their menu. This picture does little justice to the bowl of XL sized mussels simmered in white wine herb broth. The umami-laden broth was so slurp-worthy it was a dilemma of whether to slurp it up or worry about the calories. I caved in. The mussels were so fresh and plump without any tinge of the smelly fishy taste. Place a mussel on a spoon full of broth and the result upon entry into the mouth is pure bliss. I love the thoughtfulness of the owner, serving up a side plate of toast with their housemade green chilli paste for you to mop up the broth. A wickedly awesome complement to the mussels! A tip is to make a trip down on Saturdays when their mussels is at 50% off for the 2nd serving ordered!