If you can resist this, well then off with your head. This Crème Brûlée Bomboloni ($8) by PBD is, beyond a doubt, the most memorable doughnut I’ve had this year. As a crème brûlée dessert, it’s got that hard, burnt sugar crust that cracks audibly when you bite (or tear in my case) into it. The custard filling’s smooth, creamy and rich, but not overly heavy or thick so it’s very light on the palate. As a bomboloni, it boasted the quintessential fluffy and buttery dough and a GENEROUS amount of filling. I was a little sad to find the custard pooling into the box, but the thing is there’s sooo much of it you can just dip and dunk the doughnut as you eat along. And I’m proud to share that there was zero wastage — sustainable dining at its finest 🙃 What I found really interesting, is that as the sugar’s being torched and caramelised on the surface some of it melts into the doughnut as well; so when eating the doughnut it tasted extra moist and shiok while still retaining its fluff, structure, and crumb. Also noteworthy is how neither the dough nor the custard was too sweet, so as saccharine as this sounds it’s actually just perfect.

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