This place is ranked as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars and famous for the organic ingredients with local twists. Each drink is about $20-25 and everything here is quite unique and LEGIT!

The drinks taste light and fresh, but don’t underestimate, they are just good quality hard liquor. Depends on your tolerance level, you can certainly feel it up your head after 2-3 drinks. The ice cube is also professionally done. So again, if you are into the “strong taste” (like whiskey), maybe the drinks are not your cup of tea. If you are into some refreshing, unique and good quality cocktail, it’s highly recommended!

Sometimes they bring out shots of soju on the house and they are super tasty too.

Staff are patient and friendly - they will go through all the details going into the drinks if you have a moment to listen (or not because they will do the intro regardless 😓).