Came back to try out their sandwiches and they didn't disappoint! Lovely service and food from this quaint cafe, as always. The cafe menu has 2 more sando options compared to the one uploaded on Burpple; they are Smoked Chicken Sando and Luncheon Tamagoyaki Sando.

We ordered the latter—the sandwich is an appetising combination of sweet and savory of spam and Japanese omelette, with some tomato and mayo thinly spread between the bread. Toast was crispy and a lovely texture contrast to it's softer, fluffy egg and spam.

Not pictured is a chocolate cake slice we ordered. This month, their usual cakes on the menu are unavailable and switched out for cakes from their collab with Edith Patisserie. There are 4 flavors including Classic Chocolate Cake, Earl Gray Lavender & Lemon Passionfruit (the last one I can't RMB) at $8.50 each. They are however, still available under the Burpple Beyond deal. I am not usually a fan of chocolate cake but the rest of the flavours were out of stock, and in the end I must say this one was a nice treat! The cream was rich chocolate layered between moist sponge cake topped off with a piece of fudge, and wasn't overwhelmingly sweet.

Highly recommend this cafe. I feel like they are underrated or just off the radar due to their obscure location; shared this with a chatgroup with my neighbors who live nearby in walkable distance at Serangoon because this is a place I would vouch for:)