📍Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Laksa
Alexandra village food centre (01-75)

Second time eating the depot road laksa! It is now longer presented in claypot style! (They have also covered up the claypot wording on their signboard haha). The queue wait on a PH lunch hour was really long. Almost 30mins wait as each bowl took quite long to be cooked.. peeked in to see how they cook the laksa and realised they actually have two diff broths served in one bowl. One a more diluted light soupy broth and topped up with a thicker laksa broth. The ingredients were cockles, Taupok, fish cake, prawns and shredded chicken! For someone who’s doesn’t eat taupok and cockles i am glad that there are so many other ingredients for me to eat still! Overall a nice bowl of laksa (although my parents tried it and didn’t like it). I thought the price was reasonable (small bowl for $4 and medium bowl for $5). If I compare it to 328 Katong laksa, I think that’s almost $5+ for a small bowl