You didn't see this wrongly, it really costs just $8.80 (on weekends and PH) to enjoy the teo chew porridge buffet here at iSteamboat! 24 different side dishes are available on a daily basis, with your common suspects of stewed pork, braised beancurd, fried eggs, and vegetables. Just grab however much porridge you desire and pile on the assortment of side dishes and garnishes to your heart's content.

While most of the dishes are nothing spectacular, they're the good ol' classic, comfort food you may need to feel a little better. The porridge was great for not being overcooked/mushy, and the fried eggs and braised/stewed dishes were pretty delicious too. Surprisingly, all my family members said that their luncheon meat is super tasty LOL In addition, 4 other carbohydrates are also available if you're not into their porridge.

Finally, ice-cream, Chinese desserts, fruits and drinks are free-flow too. What a great deal this is.