Having had grub's amazing HCG burger before, my eyes lit up when I saw they had a chicken and waffles version of this ($15)! I love my waffles. The serving was generous with two patties of HCG chicken and two triangular slices of waffle. It came with a salad and I chose sambal mayo to go along with it. The chicken was flavourful but quite dry, and over fried. The waffles were not bad and the sweetness of the maple syrup, savouriness and crispness of the chicken was a delightful combination.

I went back recently and the chicken was still very much over fried and a very dark brown. Seems like it is not a one off thing. Will not recommend. The standard has dropped alot since it opened. Even the Har Cheong Gai burger was terrible. Among the five patties from the waffles and burger we received, all were a hair away from being blackened and burnt. Extemely disappointed.

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