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Hawker food might become a dying trade in future as more and more hawkers retire. Having young hawkers entering this laborious scene is very encouraging as they strive to continue serving comforting food at affordable prices.

Xiao Di Fried Prawn Noodles is helmed by a young hawker who first started out helping his friends at their hawker stall and then moving on to fry hokkien mee at a few places such as Yong Heng Hokkien Mee. Under the training of several hawkers and self exploration of recipe & cooking techniques via the internet, he decided to open his own stall. His hokkien mee (pictured is $4) is wet with the noodles soaking up the broth. I found that winning factor to be the broth which was robust and sweet tasting. He shared that he uses prawns from Thailand with more roe in the prawn heads to achieve the flavorful soup stock. He also uses more than average amount of garlic to increase the fragrance of the noodles. The pork lard is freshly fried and each piece is airy and extremely crispy. Chilli is an important component to me and the housemade sambal chilli (I asked for more!) is spicy and sour which complements the noodles without overpowering it.

Each serving comes with prawns, sotong, pork belly and egg — my only gripe is the serving is on the small side! We wiped out the plate in minutes and can't wait to return for the large serving next time! #BurppleYoungHawkers