From the team behind Huckleberry Food & Fare comes Birch. Breakfast by morning, lunch by noon, and drinks by night; this place does not let down in terms of ambience. Ample lighting, hipster walls, a little green, a little brown, yellow lights, natural lights. This place has it all.

But let's go to the food shall we? The cakes here are made by their sister cafe, Huckleberry. So I guess you can't go wrong there. The Macadamia Cheesecake was good. It hit the right spots with the salted caramel and also cheesecake that doesn't taste like packet cream cheese. The cake was dense, yet you don't get sick of it because of the salted caramel and macadamia nuts. All in all, it was a well balanced piece of cake. RM 15/16

If you're looking for the ultimate chocolate indulgence, get their Blackout cake. But be fast, cause it sells out quickly. For RM 15.90 (let's just say RM 16) the cake is just chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate. Moist chocolate cake, creamy chocolate filling and oreo crumbles. They sure know how to pamper a girl.

You get 10% off your total bill from now until 31st August 2017 by the way.