Simply had to post this as the fish and chips are just too tasty!

Dishes tried: special cod fish with lemonade promo and salted egg calamari

The chips!!!!
The chips were so tasty and I would even suggest calling the dish, chips and fish instead! The chips were more like crisps, which was so light and perfectly skillfuly fried. Although 5 different sauces including salted egg, cheese and mayo was offered, the best was still tomato ketchup!

The cod dish was fresh and had a good bite. The cod fish was in the limelight as the batter was thin and complemented the fish perfectly.

Salted egg calamari was OK on a whole. The bonito cheese flakes added a oomph and Smokey taste. It also added some bulk to the food Portion as it was as very small.

Go for a walk by the riverside after dinner. Enjoy the view and cold breeze with ur loved ones! :)