@jooeunchung and I got lucky and managed to get a slot for @picanhassg free steaks opening promotion.

Picanha is a popular Brazilian cut of beef taken from the top of the rump. It is triangular in shape and surrounded by a layer of fat known as the fat cap. The fat cap renders as it cooks, basting the steak and keeping it moist and flavourful and giving it an added caramelised flavour. Like the rump steak, it is juicy and has a deep beefy flavour. The problem is that it can be a little tough.

Picanhas' steaks do not have this problem. They use Australian beef which is first dry-aged through a special in-house process for 24 hours before it is cooked Sous-vide style and finished on the grill. I love the strong beef flavours of their steaks which remain juicy and tender.

I am probably not the only person to notice this. But Picanhas has taken over the spot where Featherblade was. The decor remains largely unchanged, the concept is kinda similar (quirky, non-butcher cuts of steak at affordable prices) and the serve ware (the steak board and the brass sauce pots) appears to be inherited. They have different owners according to the wait staff.

That said, we really enjoyed the experience. There is always room for a (halal!) steakhouse which serves good, interesting cuts of steak at an affordable price. I will definitely be back!

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