[ Food Review — Teck Hin Fishball Noodle ] Finishing the weekend with something I grew up with — fishball and fishcake noodles from Bukit Timah Market! (Nope, it’s not Sheng Cheng!)

I know quite a few people who diss TH in favour of SC, but hear me out: Handmade fishballs and fishcake cooked à la 1970s style.

Sure, the couple can be grouchy, and sure the number of toppings you get have dwindled significantly over the years, but if shelling out for a large is what I need to do to get their springy, succulent fishballs, sign me up! Their fish cakes are even better IMO — the crumpled mantle of gold that coats each slice has excellent texture, especially when paired with chilli! Moreover, since they do a more even blend of fish and flour than other traditional stalls, you get an actual crunch with each bite, which makes the overall mouthfeel even more remarkable.

For those who are still sceptical, think about it this way: You’re tasting a part of SG’s rapidly disappearing food heritage. Who knows how long we will have left before such flavours become eroded by time, only existing in the ambiguity of our memories?

If you’re looking to try this, climb up the stairs to the food centre and make a left. After you pass the first dual-stalls row, it’s the one immediately after — backfacing the entrance and flanking the edge of the row. (Or you can just keep an eye out for #02-141!)