We had an amazing lunch at Le Bon Funk!
Dishes that we tried:
1) Maitake ice cream and birch syrup- heard from the staff that the ice cream is made of mushroom :0 Being the adventurous us we decided to have a go at it and boy it was surprisingly sweet (we were expecting it to taste savory). Definitely couldnt tell it was from mushroom. It was a pleasant surprise!
2) Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast
Foie Gras taste wasnt too strong. Best eaten when served. Would definitely have it again when we are there!
3) Whole artichoke and Kombu Aioli
First time eating artichoke and there was even a cute drawing provided on how to eat it! Would recommend those who have not tried artichoke to give this dish a go.
4) Leek Ravoli
Their pasta never fails to disappoint. 2nd time here and the pasta still taste as good! 100% recommend!!
5) Chips, cauliflower and ikura
The dip is nice and this dish is good as well but pales in comparion to the others that we ate
These 5 dishes were sufficient for 3 ladies!