This time round, I decided to try out their char siew and I'm glad they do quite a good rendition of it! Even the lean parts of the meat was tender and sufficiently juicy. They gave quite a generous serving of sauce too, which coated my noodles well and made them absolutely slurp worthy! Their sambal sauce doesn't seem to be spicy at all, and only served to make the dish even more sweet, so for those who are looking for more of a kick can help themselves to the free flow green chilli at the side instead.
Unfortunately, my mother's order of soya sauce chicken didn't fare as well as my choice of meat; some parts were terribly undercooked that it was still very red. The parts that were cooked though, was still as tender as we remembered. I really hope this is a one time thing, because the chicken that we had at their Chinatown outlet was beautifully cooked.
*serving time (compared to the Smith street's stall)seems to be shorter and there is a condiments counter here so huge pluses for that! 😊