Located conveniently in 100AM at Tanjong Pagar, this is just the spot for comforting food after a long day. Sit outside if the weather is cool. Start by ordering a beer while you munch on the crispy, salty Bonjiri or chicken tail skewer ($4), then order the satisfying Gyoza Croquette ($9), where the meaty fillings of a gyoza are rolled into balls, breaded and deep fried. Then, dig into the sultry Buta Kakuni ($14) featuring sinfully tender Iberico pork belly slow-simmered in mirin, soy and sugar, complete with a wobbly egg on the side. This dish begs for a bowl of rice. Come by with a small group of friends or for a fuss-free date, this could fast become your no-brainer choice for week night dinners!
Avg Price: $40 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan