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Heard a lot about the Steeped Tea Bar and finally made a visit here today!

First impression, the cafe is very minimalistic and very whiteish in general (in a good clean way). Be warned though - there is very limited seating arrangement. The staffs were friendly and greeted us upon entry, very great start! :)

We ordered the Grape Oolong Mocktail as well as the Red Peach Tie Guan Yin Mocktail (pictured). The brewrista measure and grind the tea leaves before putting it through pressured hot water (espresso style) and thereafter, combining it with the fruit juice, proceeded to shake it up in a cocktail shaker. Really impressive!

The grape oolong is INSANELY GOOD. So fragrant yet only slightly sweet (I chose the no sugar added option). The Peach TGY is okay-ish for me - more jasmine notes than peach so I would recommend the grape oolong if you're here. Very worthwhile with Burpple Beyond!