Hello Singapore! How's it going? For Michelin Star food that won't break the bank, head over to Chinatown complex for 2 SGD Soy Sauce Chicken Rice!

I ordered 3 plates of Chicken Rice, extra char siew and siew yoke, veggies and the additional cost of takeaway set me back by 14SGD. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

The chicken was sweet, salty, soft, juicy, all you would want in a Honey glazed roast chicken. And that was what it tasted like. I wouldn't be like "this is the chicken rice to top off all chicken rice!!" No. I love my crispy skin roasted chicken sometimes as well. But this is a different type of chicken rice and I'm saying it's a good tasting different type of chicken rice. Siew yoke, in my opinion, lacked taste but otherwise, everything else was enjoyable. The char siew didn't have too much fat, the vegetables were soft (i prefer those rather than crunchy ones) and the soy sauce was flavorful. They also use white rice instead of the typical oil rice, which to me is like a meh-heh kinda thing. I mean... on one end I'm like but eee no oil rice and on the other hand I'm thinking how it makes it leas greasy and perhaps it might be a good thing.

Side note: if you can't stand such a setting,they have a restaurant opposite, on the other side of the road selling for 3.80 SGD per plate of chicken rice