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The Black Tie burger came with truffle aioli, rocket, cheese between a brioche buns. I’ve tried a bunch of Impossible burgers and it’s true that the patty is the closest to meat that you can get right now. The patty is pretty damn good.

Sadly, I can’t say the same about the burger itself. It had way too much mayo 😢 I had to scrape some of the mayo off because it was just too much. It really drowned the taste of the rocket, cheese and Impossible patty. There wasn’t much truffle flavour as well. 😬

The set came with a burger, shoestring truffle fries and a coke for $24. After Burpple Beyond, we paid $12 per pax. Though the shoestring fries were good, it can’t make up for the burger. Though the staff did say that the burger was meant to be eaten with two patties (+$6), I feel like this mayo problem is probably unrelated to the bun-to-meat ratio.

I probably wouldn’t be back again because I prefer a more well-balanced burger.