If you don't want to top up, you can either pick Bulgogi Beef with Tofu or Chicken with Tofu in Thai Green Curry for proteins. I wanted fish so I opted for the Salmon Confit (+$3, medium rare/well done – go for medium rare for a pink, melt-in-the-mouth centre😍😍). The fish was superbly cooked but I really wish the portion was sliiightly bigger – maybe even reduce the amount of brown rice in exchange for more meat.

For grains, red/brown/rice requires no supplement but quinoa is a $1 extra (or $2, if you want it dressed with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil).

For the final item, the meal felt more complete if I opted for one of the veggies than a drink. You can get a Tom Yum Minestrone, the minimally seasoned blanched broccoli florets or the cauliflower in light, slightly spicy green curry. The tofu in green curry, tzatziki salad, pico de gallo, ratatouille and patatas bravas are all $1 extra.