Yoshinoya rice bowl has been updated!

1. To make the vegetable rice bowl more attractive, the selection of the vegetable has been changed to sweet pumpkin and lotus roots. Definitely an upgrade from previous broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

2. Deserts
There is now cakes to be chosen as part of the meal and Ala Carte. This place has potential to be a place for dessert or tea time

3. Selection of drinks
Wider selection of Japanese tea beyond your usual green tea

4. Fancy decoration and interior
This would be the main reason for me to come here besides the comforting beef bowl. The place has now transformed into a cozy and warm place and is not totally different from the usual fast food setting.

Coupled with the friendly and approachable staff ready to introduce the new dishes and concept, the place was very attractive to dine in.