[Available on Burpple Beyond] This long weekend is a huge respite from the stresses and toxicity of daily life! And what a better way to finally reward myself for pressing on during the days leading up to it than with a bowl of açaí?! 😍🙏🏽

I know that from face value that it seems ridiculous to suggest that there’d even be a difference in quality of açaí bowls from dessert parlour to dessert parlour. However, I somehow felt that Project Açaí seems to have nailed this and outshone their competitors.

The fruits used are legitimately fresh, with none showing any sign of unpleasant tartness. Plus, some bites really pack a punch of flavour - I was really surprised, though I couldn’t really pinpoint it to a single ingredient. 😮

That being said though, I do feel like the staff could be a little more cheery in their interaction. It’s rather concerning that an açaí parlour geared towards millennials, wouldn’t embrace friendliness as part of their MO. Hope everything’s alright behind the scenes for them… 🥶