If you find yourself checking out the brand-new shopping hub, Four Seasons Place, located next to the twin towers and KLCC, be sure to visit their air-conditioned hawker hall in the basement. Come in for more shopping or for a breather – there's a comfortable and air-conditioned hawker hall nestled on the basement floor to fuel you up. Malaysia Boleh! (translating to Malaysia Can!) houses an array of local delights that's as good as what you'll find on the streets. Start with the Oyster Omelette (RM12) that's fragrant with wok-hei and loaded with fresh and plump oysters. For the main event, the community recommends the spicy-savoury Curry Mee (from RM10) and Char Siew Rice (from RM10). Finish off the meal with the sweet Cendol (RM3) before you hit the shops again.
Photo by Burppler Tiffany Ng