Price:$13++. Verdict: YES. Pls go if u r in the area (and if u have the time to queue). Priced at $13++, this tempura don is arguably one of the most affordable tempura don I've had. Despite being so affordably priced, the serving size remains very generous. The special set had tempura prawn, chicken (albeit the chicken is a little weird), mushroom, corn, and several other vegetable. The runny tempura egg is really the icing on the cake!! Loved it. And besides the tempura don itself, you will also get chawamushi (which was really well made too!!) and miso soup. Be warned though, the drinks there are quite expensive. The green tea (that's not refillable) is about $4 per cup. So perhaps you r better off getting iced water if you are on a budget. Another issue I had with this establishment is the queue. My friends and I queued for about 1 hour on a weekday afternoon!!! And it was after the usual working crowd lunch period (we started queuing at about 130pm)! So be warned and do not expect to be able to casually stroll into this restaurant like you would in any other restaurants. I would likely visit this establishment again, but perhaps not so soon because it seems like it has only 2 food options - vegetable set tempura don, or special set tempura don. I guess it's an inevitable trade off between variety and quality.