Do visit Ivan's Carbina if you happen to be stopping by Woodlands, because this is one of the few western food stalls in a coffee shop which sells rosti, and does so at really low prices. For a black pepper chicken chop with a rosti, the dish is priced at $8.50, which is fairly reasonable. This is even more so given that a really generous amount of potato is used for the rosti, and we were really full after the meal.

While we liked the slightly burnt taste of the exterior of the rosti, we felt that potato strips used for the rosti were a little thick, which felt a little strange after a while. Aside from that, the potato could use a little more salt, although that gives you a lot more room to use the sour cream at the sides!

The coffee shop is fairly crowded during mealtimes and it is rather small too, hence you might want to avoid peak mealtimes if you are planning to dine here.