I'd like to start with the good - the staff were attentive and friendly. The ambience is nice for chilling, for relaxing afternoon with friends. That's about all the good.

Now onto the bad. I wasn't expecting fanciful food at this super affordable price point, but come on Marriott you can do better than this. I can walk down to Four Leaves at taka and gather the same exact food provided in the high tea set and the quality will be 3x better than what they served. All high tea set are pre-packed and cling wrapped and kept in the fridge to be served at 2pm. Sandwiches are soggy cause of the tomatoes and cucumbers. (Btw the sandwich has cucumber in it, and nothing else?! It's literally cucumber and bread) Scones are dry. Egg tarts are too sweet. Red velvet cupcake and the macaroons are pure colourings and sugar with no other taste than overwhelmingly sweet. The best thing of it all was the twg tea hahaha.

First review in burpple, because please if anyone wants to come here for the afternoon tea set (even at the discounted burpple price), you gotta reconsider.
(Oh and photo is not updated, I didn't take any photos so I grabbed it off the Google image results so please don't refer to that.)

I totally agree with Jing.I was there with a friend.Alto I had a 1 for 1 by American express...I would rate the quality of d food below average😔😔