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Based on reviews I read, seems Outback has been improving on service and tables. We had the shrimp caesar salad $21.90, toowoomba pasta $29.90 and ribeye steak (ordered medium) $47.90. Caesar could use more cheese and better quality shrimp. Toowooba pasta had the same subpar shrimps and is of acquired taste. Steak is decent but is not cooked evenly, some parts on the outer was almost raw while center was bloody. Cappuccino is not great a choice but I just needed coffee. For main sides, I recommend the mash potato, not the fries and avoid the main’s peppercorn sauce. Initial bread served hot with butter is good. Overall, much improvement needed at the kitchen to keep customers coming back. For $100 for 2pax (net after burpple beyond deal) on the quality and portion, I unfortunately cannot recommend until kitchen improves.

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