It’s pretty amazing to know that quite a number of new eateries have been sprouting up around the office of the late — Atas Turkish Kebab being one of the newest F&B establishment to have moved into the former premises of now-defunct 109 Vegetarian Cuisine (the same spot also housed tenants such as Hainanese Curry Fun, and Hong Hu Express) at Fortune Centre on the ground level from their former premises at Fork & Spoon Food Court in Toa Payoh Central. Pretty amazed with the variety of Turkish Kebab dishes offered here — apart from the usual wrap, tortilla roll, burrito and butter rice options, they also serve their Kebabs with Marinara/Pesto Pasta, baked rice/past; think Turkish-Western fusion for the more inventive dishes that they have here.

Opted for the Kebab Tombik (Mixed); found their pita bread on display at the display shelf to be very intriguing — and that’s how I ended up opting for the Tombik which is essentially pita bread, served with a mix of Beef and Chicken Kebab, all mixed with greens, tomatoes, pickled chili and potatoes. The Pita Bread looked amazing; that sort of light, crusty bread that came with beautiful charred marks on the exterior — comes with a good chew with some tension with every bite without being too dry. While the meats do seem to lack a little flavour sauce-wise, the meats were actually pretty well-executed; sufficiently juicy and moist and goes together well with the myriad of textures in the fillings of the Tombik — the crunch of the greens, the juiciness of the zingy tomatoes, soft bite of the potatoes, and the zippy and spicy crunch of the pickled chili all creates a party in the mouth, both texturally and in terms of flavour.

Could see how Atas Turkish Kebab has pretty much garnered a crowd with the hungry diners in the area during lunch hour — the eatery being all buzzy with all tables occupied and a queue that stretches out during a short while when we were dining there; liked how they have quite a number of options to cater to the various customer bases they have access to here. Interesting to see them serve up Turkish Coffee and desserts too; the latter being something I would try next time!

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