Located on the second floor within the HDB estate, Equate Coffee is no stranger to the Tanjong Pagar community & coffee drinkers.

With their stark industrial vibes and design which sticks out amidst the massage parlours and medicine shops, spotting this store from afar is not an issue.

On the menu, you have your usual suspects of black, white and mocha, and can choose from sizes ranging from short (6oz), tall (8oz) or white.

I had their Mocha ($5.50) to go and it was a blend of their in-house choc mixture & espresso. The result is a chocolate-y & nutty blend with a smooth mouthfeel. As we reached near closing time, most of the pastries & famed canele were oos, will perhaps pop by another time for it!

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📍Equate Coffee, Tanjong Pagar